CHARLES MONIZ worked as a photographer both in New York City and Los Angeles during the 1970s and 80s during the height of the disco years when the celebrity/society scene and gay culture combined. It was the high point of STUDIO 54 and the birth of nightlife becoming an art form. Charles was front and center as the guy in the group that “just happened to have his camera with him”.

Internationally published since the age of 19, his work has been everywhere from the ADVOCATE to VOGUE including: ART AND ANTIQUES, AFTER DARK, THE NEW YORK POST, THE DAILY NEWS, PEOPLE, US, THE ENQUIRER, THE VILLAGE VOICE, and many others. Among the over 30 books that feature his photography are DREAMGIRLS: my LIFE AS A SUPREME by MARY WILSON, LEGENDS OF DISCO and biographies on ELTON JOHN, BETTE MIDLER, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS, WHITNEY HOUSTON, TINA TURNER, and more.

After surviving emergency open heart surgery in 2016 and cancer in 2019, Charles’ doctors suggested walking as the best physical therapy. Charles has picked up his camera and is taking frequent walks in the desert capturing the local beauty of the land alongside some local inspirational men from the area. This series of landscape/bodyscapes are keeping him busier than any other time in his career.

Charles married model BRADY CHAPIN in 2005 who he originally photographed on the dance floor of STUDIO 54 in 1980. The couple currently resides in PALM SPRINGS, CA.